LP HEEBEEGEEBEES   –   439 golden greats or Never mind the originals, Here's The HeeBeeGeeBees
120 SEK

UK 13-track LP, lyric inner sleeve with small writing (date) at top

Format LP Sleeve
Year 1981 Made in United Kingdom
Label HeeBeeGeeBees Cat.# TWITS 101
  • HeeBeeGeeBees: Meaningless songs
  • Jack Michaelson: (Dancing) Up the wall
  • The Beagles: Dead cicada
  • David Bowwow: Quite ahead of my time
  • Kenny Rogered: You're my son
  • Status Quid: Boring song
  • HeeBeeGeeBees: Ah!
  • The PeeCees: Too depressed to commit suicide
  • Paul McCarthrob and Wangs: Simple song
  • St Winnalot's Reform School Choir: Granma
  • Babba: Music machine
  • Larry Pilsson: Oh me!
  • Neil Dung, Bob Vylan, The Bland, Frank Sumatra, Dean Martian, Leonard Crowing, George Harrassing: Bird of peace